We're Sweet on Idaho Potatoes

It’s not uncommon to see Idaho potatoes on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but dessert menus? Yes, the versatile vegetable does it all! Potato starch absorbs more water than other starches, like wheat, creating a very moist texture, which is especially desirable when it comes to dessert. The other bonus, especially for restaurants, is that breads and desserts made with potato starch stay fresher longer, meaning less waste.

Chef John Gorham of Toro Bravo of Portland, OR masterfully combines all our favorite flavors in his Chocolate Potato Donuts with Crème Anglaise. Chocolate donuts, made with 4 cups of Idaho potatoes, sweet and dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, buttermilk, milk sour cream, all-purpose flour and pastry flour, plus other flavorings are mixed well and rolled into golf-size balls. After they’re fried, they’re rolled in a cinnamon/sugar mixtures and topped with fresh Crème Anglaise.

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