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Adam Moore is chef and president of Flashpoint Innovation, a food and beverage innovation network located in Chicago, Illinois. Over the course of his food-focused career Adam has experienced a lot, from owning his own restaurant to strategizing with Fortune 500 companies around the globe. At Flashpoint, Adam marries his experience with a national network of chefs, scientists, and strategists to provide culinary support, product development, and foodservice strategy services for his clients.

Adam was the recipient of the Most Innovative Product Award at the Research Chefs Association Expo and BIIC Award of Excellence from Bunge North America. Most recently, Adam was a featured speaker at The Flavor Experience in Newport Beach, California and currently sits on their Board of Experts.

Chef Adam Moore
Idaho® Potato Larder Latkes & Koji Cultured Cream

Idaho® Potato Larder Latkes & Koji Cultured Cream

“Koji is currently having a moment in the fine dining and kitchen lab community. Not only can it transform the flavors of simple ingredients through fermentation, but it can also be utilized to help fight food waste by turning items destined for the trash can into a flavorful repurposed ingredient. To easily bring this trend into your kitchen, check out this recipe from Larder’s Jeremy Umansky for his quick and easy Koji Cultured Cream paired with tasty Idaho® Potato Latkes.”