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What Could I Add To My Idaho® Potatoes On The Menu To Make Them Even More Popular?

Sep 10, 2018
Q: As a high volume independent restaurant, I’ve got Idaho baked potatoes on the menu already, plain or loaded with the traditional sour cream, butter, and chives. Any thoughts on an ingredient I could add to get a little higher check overage?
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Any Suggestions On Summertime Potato Options

Sep 4, 2018
Q: With the Fall fast approaching, any camp out or summertime recipes you’d like to share for our end of picnic season, besides potato salad?
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Why Are My Potatoes Wet? Are They New Crop?

Aug 17, 2018
Q: The 50 count cartons of Russet Burbank potatoes are that were delivered to my restaurant today look like a little tired as they are shriveled up but the 80 count Russet Norkotahs look fresh and some are actually still wet. Exactly how old are my potatoes that I ordered from the food service distributor this week? They are supposed to be new crop. Some look tired. How can I find out?
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How to Make Fresh Cut French Fries with New Crop Potatoes

Aug 10, 2018
Q: What would be the fry strategy when the potatoes are new and, I would think, loaded with sugar. The older potatoes cook beautifully, and the new ones are dark and limp.
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Skin on My Yellow Potatoes is Peeling and Flaky

Jul 24, 2018
Q: I bought a bag of yellow No. 2 potatoes a few days ago on some of them it looks like the outside of the potato skin sort of peeled or flaky (like our skin when we peel after sun burn). The skin underneath looks fine, but I’m wondering if they are ok to eat.
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Is it Okay to Store Potatoes in Water for Over 24 Hours?

Jul 23, 2018
Q: Is there any health risk from storing potatoes in water in the refrigerator for longer than 24 hours?
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Why Idaho® Russets Make the Best Fresh-Cut French Fries (and What About Kennebec’s?)

Jun 22, 2018
Q: I know some of the reasons why Idaho russet potatoes make the best fresh-cut French fries (solids to water ratio, sugars, starches, etc.) but it would be especially helpful if you could compare Idaho russets to Kennebec and other potatoes people might use or consider for fries. The "nerdier" the better.
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My Fresh-Cut French Fries Turned Black in the Refrigerator, Are They Safe to Eat?

Jun 22, 2018
Q: I cut potatoes into French fry slices and left them in the refrigerator for a few days. They are partly black in color, are they safe to eat?
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How Many Days in Advance Can You Safely Wash, then Wrap Potatoes in Foil?

Jun 12, 2018
Q: How many days in advance can you safely wash, then wrap potatoes in aluminum foil for an upcoming event?
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Dr. Potato Addresses Summertime Salad Doldrums

Jun 11, 2018
Q: In my extended circle of family and friends I am usually the one who volunteers to make potato salad for all the summertime events. Having just finished up with Memorial Day weekend, I found that the regulars at these get-togethers really love my Mom’s Southern Style Potato Salad. However, the younger generations in particular just look at this as “same old, same old” and often skip it. What can I do to jazz up the usual ingredients of Idaho Russet potatoes, salad dressing or mayonnaise, celery, onion, pickles, mustard, sliced hard boiled eggs with a little paprika sprinkled on top? I’m going to do this again for the Fourth of July and then there’s Labor Day weekend. Signed, I’m bored.
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