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What Is The Food Safety Risk In Eating Thawed Hashbrown Potatoes?

May 13, 2016
Q: They are not out of date, and I'm not at all worried about the consistency, but I would like to know what the specific risk is in eating.  I'm studying food safety and sanitation right now, and the only issue addressed relative to potatoes is baked ones that are improperly stored.
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Food Safety

Dec 27, 2011
Q: My husband is under the impression that he can keep a big pot of soup, or a stew, out of the fridge and on the stovetop ”indefinitely” as long as he boils it once a day. I think he's crazy; inviting all sorts of nastiness to grow in there. Who is right?
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Food Safety with Idaho® Potato Salads

Apr 22, 2010
Q: Now that the warm weather is coming this way, can you explain more about the food safety issues of serving an Idaho® potato salad on a hot day?
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Potato Safety: Unwrapped Potatoes That Were Not Fully Cooked

Jan 14, 2015
Q: I placed some unwrapped Russet potatoes and sweet potatoes in the oven to roast. During the roasting process the oven failed and when I removed the potatoes they were only slightly cooked. My guests continued the process and finished cooking them in the microwave. We do not know at what point the oven failed in the process. Do we have any health concerns? The potatoes were eaten by my guests? I know I have read about food poisoning/botulism from improperly prepared potatoes.
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Q&A: Potato Salad Safety

Nov 16, 2009
Q: Could you tell me how long it is safe to keep potato salad out of the refrigerator and on a picnic table?  I have been told it is not the mayo or eggs that go bad but something to do with the starch in the that correct?
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Is Is Safe To "Bake" Potatoes In A Slow Cooker?

May 16, 2017
Q: Is is safe to "bake" potatoes in a slow cooker? It sounds like a recipe for food poisoning to me.
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Potato Bars for Schools and Other Foodservice Operations

Feb 25, 2015
Q: I recently saw an article on Salad Bars 2 Schools and wondered if the Idaho Potato Commission has done anything with hot food bars or ways to introduce fresh potatoes into the school system?
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Watching Your Potato "Waste" Line

Jan 24, 2014
Q: I have done all kinds of trimming back to save on food costs at my restaurant, what can I make sure I am doing with potatoes?
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I Am A Hosting Youth Halloween Party And Want To Know What Would Be The Best Way To Do A Mr. Potato Head Project?

Oct 16, 2017
Q: I am hosting a youth Halloween party and I want to do a "Mr. Potato Head" project with 20-30 next week. I need to know: 1) If I bake the potatoes ahead of time, then put them into the refrigerator, how long can they stay out at room temperature while the kids decorate them? 2) Then what is the best way to reheat them so the kids can eat them?
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