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How to Make Fresh Cut French Fries with New Crop Potatoes

Aug 10, 2018
Q: What would be the fry strategy when the potatoes are new and, I would think, loaded with sugar. The older potatoes cook beautifully, and the new ones are dark and limp.
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I Have A Gourmet Food Truck And Want To Serve Fresh Cut Idaho French Fries. How Do I Go About Accomplishing This?

Jul 27, 2016
Q: I Have a Gourmet Food Truck and want to serve fresh cut French fries.  Can you give me some tips?
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What is the preference for fries in the USA?

Apr 16, 2016
Q: Do people prefer 1/4 or 3/8 French fries more? How do I adapt to Burbank russet potatoes that are old and at end of the season? Do adjust the same way to both? Does it matter what temperature you blanch at between 250-300? Depends on preference fry cut? Thanks
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No. 1 Potatoes Versus No. 2 Potatoes For Fresh Made Fries In My Restaurant

Apr 9, 2016
Q: For fresh cut French fries I have noticed this season that there isn't much difference in the price of an 80 or 90 count No. 1 potato versus a No. 2. Are there other advantages to using a No. 1 potato for my fries?
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Which Uses More Oil When Frying, Fresh Cut or Frozen Fries?

Mar 11, 2016
Q: Dr. Potato which uses more oil when frying, fresh cut or frozen fries?
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Foodservice Julian Dates For Potatoes Are Important When Diagnosing Issues For Fresh Fries

Jan 2, 2015
Q: My French fries are cooking up really dark and the potatoes don’t look that fresh. What should I look for?
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Make Ahead Scalloped Potatoes

Nov 10, 2014
Q: Do I have to blanch my potatoes, to make scalloped potatoes ahead of time?
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Is There One Best Way To Make Fresh Cut Fries For My Restaurant?

Nov 7, 2014
Q: I see a lot of tips on making fresh cut fries on the internet and some seem to conflict each other. Is there one best way to be successful at serving my customers a fresh fry?
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The Best Hand-Cut Idaho® French Fry Yield

Jul 11, 2014
For the best hand-cut Idaho® French fry yield, we recommend using U.S. grade No. 1 fresh Idaho® Potatoes, 7-15 oz. packed 90 to 70 count in 50...
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