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How To Prepare French Fries

May 8, 2014
Q: What is the best way to prepare french fries?
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To Create Perfect French Fries Its Important To Always Blanch Them

Apr 26, 2014
Q: I know your philosophy is to blanch potatoes when doing fresh cut fries and understand the reasons why, but is this practical for a chef operator like myself?
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Blanching Fresh Cut Fries

Dec 6, 2013
Q: Can I do the first blanch for fresh cut russet fries in the oven?
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Why Are My Fries Sometimes Dark?

Dec 2, 2013
Q: I have been to several of the same gourmet hamburger and fry chain locations and sometimes the French fries are really dark and unappetizing. How can that happen?
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What Happens If You Pre-Cook Fresh Cut Potatoes At 350 Degrees?

Nov 29, 2013
Q: What happens if you pre-cook (blanch) fresh cut 3/8Inch potatoes 350 degrees, in lieu of the recommended 250 degrees?
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Can You Deep Fry Fresh Cut Fries Directly After Cutting Them?

Nov 27, 2013
Q: I have a question involving making fresh French fries at county fairs and special events. Can you get by with fresh cutting the fries and deep frying? Or do you have to cut, rinse in cold water, then fry at two different temperatures to get them to taste good, with a crisp on the outside, and a fluffy texture inside? At events water is scarce and running water with drain is almost impossible. I want to make a good product but am limited with water usage. Some have suggested using frozen fries instead of fresh but I don’t think that would be received well at events. Please advise on best method and give me an idea of the different outcomes if steps are omitted.
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Are My Black Potatoes Still Good To Eat?

Nov 25, 2013
Q: I cut up vegetables and put them along with a chuck roast in a freezer bag, to have a meal ready for the crock pot when I had surgery. I took the bag out of the freezer last night, dumped the ingredients in the crock pot and refrigerated until this morning. It has been cooking on low for 5 hours and all of the potatoes are black. After researching, I found I should have blanched them first.  Are they still good to eat?
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How Do I Leach Out Starch For Making Fries And How Can I Make Them Crispy?

Aug 2, 2013
Q: Is ice water more effective than room temperature water for leaching out starch for making fries? Also, do you know what method creates a light and crispy exterior verses one which is hard and leathery? Is it the potato or the process?
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What Causes Blanch Time to Increase When Using Low Solids Potatoes?

Feb 21, 2013
Q: What causes blanch time to go up when making French fries with low solids potatoes? What is the mechanism at work here?
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Blanching French Fries

May 25, 2012
Q: How do I blanch fries before frying them to make the best fresh cut fries?
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