Ask Dr. Potato : Deep Frying
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How to Fry the Perfect Fresh Fries in Just a Few Short Steps

Apr 7, 2014
Q: Years ago I remember a kitchen poster where I worked that had some key steps in frying up Idaho potatoes. Do you have an electronic version that I can print or share with my co-workers? I am at a non-commercial, sometimes called on-site, location. It was part of a monthly themed promotion on fries including serving a French Fry Bar with different toppings.
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Five Steps To Better Frying

Dec 31, 2013
Q: Are there any basic tips that will help me and my employees do a better job with fried foods?
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Is Deep Frying Dehydrated Potatoes Recommended?

Dec 11, 2013
Q: Is deep frying dehydrated potato slices recommended? Are there recipes available?
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Can You Deep Fry Fresh Cut Fries Directly After Cutting Them?

Nov 27, 2013
Q: I have a question involving making fresh French fries at county fairs and special events. Can you get by with fresh cutting the fries and deep frying? Or do you have to cut, rinse in cold water, then fry at two different temperatures to get them to taste good, with a crisp on the outside, and a fluffy texture inside? At events water is scarce and running water with drain is almost impossible. I want to make a good product but am limited with water usage. Some have suggested using frozen fries instead of fresh but I don’t think that would be received well at events. Please advise on best method and give me an idea of the different outcomes if steps are omitted.
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Frying Best Practices

Apr 2, 2013
Q: It seems as if wavy ribbon fries soak up a lot of oil. Is there a better way to prep and fry for a better a taste?
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Preparing the Perfect French Fries

May 17, 2012
Q: I am in charge of preparing many orders of French fries for our local charity. I’ve been told to blanch the fries in advance but that seems to be the only advice I get.  How long do I blanch? Once blanched, I’m sure I drain but what then, Refrigerate, Freeze? I am looking at maybe 15 to 30 servings per weekend event.
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Keeping breakfast potatoes from becoming soggy

Feb 16, 2012
Q: I was wondering how to keep fried potatoes from getting soggy. My church has a potluck on Wednesdays, and now and then, we have breakfast for dinner. Fried potatoes are always on the sign-up sheet, but no one knows how to fry them at home and transport them without the potatoes getting greasy and soggy.
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Should we Blanch our Idaho® Potatoes?

Nov 4, 2011
Q: We do not blanch out potatoes; we cut them directly into a Cambro container, cover with water, and fry within 36 hours. The potatoes turn out differently from one lot to another.  Can you help?
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Easy but Exciting Potato Dish for Party

Oct 28, 2011
Q: I would like to do a potato dish for a party that is simple and straight forward, but can be combined with dips or sauces to make each of my guests feel like they created something special. Any ideas?
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Thawing Frozen French Fries

Sep 26, 2011
Q: I see some places store their bags of frozen fries right next to the fryer during peak serving periods, Will a thawed French fry cook faster?
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