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Twice Baked Potatoes Are Gooey

Jun 30, 2014
Q: I have done twice baked many times and never had them come out like this… where they are gooey when mixed with milk and butter. Any cure?
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Within The Past Few Months Our Potatoes Have Been Tasteless, Lumpy And Mealy. Have Genetics Caused This Problem?

Jun 25, 2014
Q: I am a cook of more than 45 years and my mom for more than 80 years and she is still a great cook. Within the past few months the potatoes are tasteless, lumpy and mealy. Have genetics caused this problem? After so many disappointments, we have decided that we might as well buy boxed potatoes. Although, I sure will miss my baked potato. What Happened???
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How Do I Make My Own Freezer Hash-Browns?

Jun 23, 2014
Q: How do I make my own freezer hash browns, I can’t find any recipes. I want to be able to take my homegrown potatoes, shred them and store them in the freezer for later use without having added ingredients that store bought hash browns have… Any ideas?
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Exterior Cracks In My Potatoes

Jun 20, 2014
Q: I am a grocer and I recently have been experiencing exterior cracks in my potatoes. I know it is not a defect when they are inspected but my concern is that that the bigger cuts keep consumers from buying them.
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How To Store Fresh Cut Fries Overnight

Jun 18, 2014
Q: I tried storing fresh cut fries overnight in water and salt, and they foamed up and damaged the fries. Sometimes this works but most time there is foam and smell. Then we have to dump the pail of fries and have to re-cut more, which is wasting a lot of potatoes. Any tips would be a big help.
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Serving Breakfast All Day Long

Jun 13, 2014
Q: Dear Dr. Potato, my customers want favorite breakfast items on the menu all day long. Can you suggest breakfast dishes that satisfy 24/7?
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Should I Be Making My Fries With Fresh Potatoes

Jun 9, 2014
Q: I’ve owned and operated several restaurants and now am opening a gourmet fresh burger place. Should I be making my fries from fresh potatoes?
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Cost Per Serving Of A Baked Russet Potato From Idaho

Jun 6, 2014
Q: How can I easily figure out what the individual potato cost is to bake an Idaho® Russet? I usually order a 90 count, Russet Burbank or Russet Norkotah.
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A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal…

Jun 2, 2014
Q: Ever heard the term “a few fries short of a happy meal”? Well, short fries drive Dr. Potato insane! Why, you ask?
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Perfect Idaho® Potato Poutine

May 29, 2014
Q: What makes a good potato for a Poutine? Can the original recipe be modified with different ingredients?
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