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Can I bake potatoes and meat loaf together?

Apr 5, 2013
Q: Can I bake potatoes and meat loaf in the same oven at the same time?
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Cooking Frozen Potatoes

Mar 5, 2013
Q: What’s the best way to cook frozen, par-fried potatoes? Should I defrost them first before refrying?
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Starting my Own Business and Selling Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Dec 7, 2012
Q: I am in the planning stages of starting a small business of selling baked stuffed potatoes at local fairs here in Massachusetts. My vision is to incorporate small concessions stands and the possibility of a food truck version all using Idaho grown potatoes  I am writing in hopes that you may have ideas or helpful information on potato distributors or equipment vendors. I have found only a few LP Baked Potato cookers and they are all manufactured and sold overseas, anything in the states?
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So, What is Poutine?

Sep 11, 2012
Q: What is poutine? I see it popping up more and more on fast food and casual dining menus.
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Are Black Potatoes Safe to Eat?

Sep 7, 2012
Q: Last night I started cooking green beans and potatoes in the crock pot, which I covered first with aluminum foil and then the lid, which didn’t fit tightly. I set the crockpot to warm overnight, but when I checked it this morning some of the potatoes were blackened. Are they still safe to eat?
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Cooking peeled potatoes

Aug 14, 2012
Q: If I want to peel my potato by boiling the skins off, do I have to continue boiling the potato for more than 15 minutes to cook it fully?
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Potato 101

Aug 10, 2012
Q: I have my own kitchen for the first time so I want to learn all about how to cook potatoes. Everyone tells me that they are easy to prepare, economical, and are really good for you. Where do I start?
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Tips for Making Potato Salad

Jul 26, 2012
Q: I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm in my 50’s and have never made potato salad from scratch but that's the way it is. :-) I have two questions for you:  Can I cut up the potatoes (plain old brown potatoes) BEFORE I cook them and, if I do, HOW LONG more or less should I boil them? All the recipes seem to say “until soft” but they never actually give a time for me to check and it seems silly to stand next to the stove to poke a fork into the potatoes every couple of minutes. 10 minutes? 15? 20? Is there a good reason why the potatoes need to be peeled as long as I’ve scrubbed them clean?
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Can potatoes be used if they become frozen?

Feb 23, 2012
Q: We forgot a bag of raw potatoes on our deck and now they’re frozen. They are not rotten, just frozen. Can I still use them in any fashion, i.e., mashed, etc.  
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Idaho Potato Recipe from My Childhood

Feb 21, 2012
Q: I am looking for a potato recipe from my childhood, can you help?
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