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How Can I Keep Potatoes Warm Without Drying Them Out?

Dec 13, 2013
Q: I am trying to find out how I can keep my potatoes warm without drying out or over cooking the potato. I plan on using a convection oven and I wonder if it can be used as a warmer to keep the potatoes warm during the slower times of the restaurant?
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Is Deep Frying Dehydrated Potatoes Recommended?

Dec 11, 2013
Q: Is deep frying dehydrated potato slices recommended? Are there recipes available?
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Dr. Potato tips for mashed potatoes gone wild

Nov 25, 2013
Q: I see you work with several food bloggers on creative ways to fix Idaho potatoes. Any suggestions on their best mashed potato recipes?
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Lumpy Or Whipped Mashed Potato Recipe

Nov 21, 2013
Q: I have read on some of your posts to not over mix my mashed potatoes and to use the Russet Burbank variety, as they can withstand some abuse and not turn gluey.  My boyfriend doesn’t like lumpy mashed potatoes. Is there a recipe I can surprise him with for Thanksgiving?
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No Turkey No Ham Holiday Recipe With Mashed Potatoes

Nov 21, 2013
Q: I know Thanksgiving is a popular time to serve Turkey and Christmas hams and are what many people request for Christmas. My husband is a beef and potatoes kind of guy. Got any ideas?
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Can I Bake Left Over Mashed Potatoes?

Nov 18, 2013
Q: Can I bake left over mashed potatoes and have my family still crave them?
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I’m Looking For A Traditional Mashed Potato Recipe This Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2013
Q: Here is the challenge, I never watched my Mom fix Holiday dinners and now my parents are coming over to our house for the first time. Can you help?
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Can I Make A Simple Traditional Mashed Potato Recipe In A Slow Cooker This Holiday Season?

Nov 16, 2013
Q: I know my single oven is going to be full, full, full. Do you have any recommendations for a simple mashed potato recipe that can be done ahead of time and kept warm in a slow cooker or crock-pot?
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How Do You Store French Fries After They Have Been Cooked?

Nov 15, 2013
Q: After cooking potatoes into French fries is it necessary to store the left over fried potatoes in the refrigerator?
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How To Prevent The Inside Of My Potato Skewers From Turning Black

Nov 8, 2013
Q: When using skewers, how can I prevent the inside of my potato from turning dark?
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