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Should I Be Making My Fries With Fresh Potatoes

Jun 9, 2014
Q: I’ve owned and operated several restaurants and now am opening a gourmet fresh burger place. Should I be making my fries from fresh potatoes?
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I Cooked My Potatoes At 375 Degrees F For An Hour And They Were Not Cooked

May 2, 2014
Q: I cooked potatoes at 375 degrees F for an hour and they were still not cooked. Shouldn’t they be done?
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We Have Been Experiencing Hard Potatoes In Our Pre-diced Potatoes, Which We Purchase For Our Store.

Apr 23, 2014
Q: I’m hoping you can help me out with your potato knowledge. We are a fresh soup producer and buy our potatoes (Burbank and Norkotah varieties) peeled, ¾” diced and rinsed in an anti-browning agent.  At times we experience “hard” potato complaints from our customers.  Through internal testing we see a small percentage of potatoes that have a waxy texture on the outside but are cooked through on the inside. Is it one variety over the other, could the sodium metabisulphite solution cause this or is it age of the crop?
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What Is The Best Fryer And Oil To Fry With?

Apr 18, 2014
Q: Can you send me the specifics to help me determine what type of fryer and oil to make the best Fresh French fries?
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Can I Eat Leftover Baked Potatoes?

Apr 2, 2014
Q: I have forgotten which episode and cannot find it on his website but Dr. Oz said not to eat leftover baked potatoes and gave the reason(s).  Do you have any idea what he was talking about?  I usually eat one-half of a baked potato one night and the other half the next night.
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Green Water From Boiled Potatoes

Mar 28, 2014
Q: I took the potatoes out to cool last evening and left water in pot overnight, graniteware. When pouring water out this morning it was a vivid green color!? Typically of course I drain the water and cool in pan  so I’m clueless if time overnight “greened” the water or exactly what happened? Please help!
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Nutritionally, Am I Saving Calories By Eating A Plain Sweet Potato Instead Of An Idaho® Baked Potato?

Feb 19, 2014
Q: I love potatoes but a lot of my friends make faces at me when I order them baked instead of choosing a baked sweet potato. Other than that carotene thing, are sweet potatoes that much more nutritious?
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Why I Do Not Recommend Baking Potatoes In Aluminum Foil

Jan 27, 2014
Q: Our restaurant owner has asked us to look at ways to save money in the kitchen and one that I remember reading on one of your blogs posts, for Dr. Potato, was to not wrap Idaho® potatoes in aluminum foil. I can’t remember all the reasons. I know it helps keep the potatoes warm longer, but our bakers are turning out almost wet when we pull them out of the oven and cut them open to add butter before sending out to the guests.
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How To Bake More Than Just A Few Potatoes In The Oven At The Same Time

Jan 16, 2014
Q: Can I bake 20 Idaho potatoes in my convection oven at the same time? How long, and what temperature?  Thank you.
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Five Steps To Better Frying

Dec 31, 2013
Q: Are there any basic tips that will help me and my employees do a better job with fried foods?
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