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Salt on the Exterior of a Baked Potato

Apr 19, 2012
Q: Why is it common to salt the exterior of a baked potato?
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Does the Size of a Potato Matter?

Sep 9, 2011
Q: Does size matter when a recipe calls for small or medium potatoes? If so, what should I use?
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Pre-cooking Baked Idaho® Potatoes

Mar 11, 2011
Q: I am in charge of serving 60 men for a steak barbeque for a fishing tournament.  I will have available two large 5 burner gas barbeque grills, chafing dishes, and a couple of heavy duty two burner stoves.  I am considering serving baked potatoes.  I plan on pre-cooking the potatoes on Saturday, and refrigerating them until Tuesday night for the barbeque, at which time I will reheat them.  What suggestions can you give me?
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What to do With Leftover Baked Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 5, 2010
Q: Is there anything interesting to do with leftover baked Idaho® potatoes?
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How to Make the Perfect Baked Potato

Oct 25, 2010
Q: Is it OK to bake my Idaho® potatoes in foil?
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Proper Baking Time for Potatoes

Sep 10, 2010
Q: What is the proper baking time for a nice dry and fluffy Idaho® Russet potato?
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Proper Way to Store Cooked Idaho Potatoes

Jul 23, 2010
Q: When cooking baked potatoes I usually cook extras (in tin foil) because there are so many things that I can do with them.  After they’ve cooled I usually put them in the fridge but then have to take them out to warm up for using.  However, my husband said it would be ok to leave them on the counter until ready to use.  I wanted to find out what is the proper way to store already cooked potatoes. A. I’m sorry to say that your husband loses this argument.  Think about potatoes wrapped in foil just like you would when canning vegetables.  Would you cook the vegetables and put them in a glass jar, seal it up and then leave it at room temperature?
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Just Say NO to Wrapping Potatoes in Aluminum Foil

May 6, 2010
Q: Someone told me it is bad to wrap my potatoes in foil before baking. Why?
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