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Size Spread of Idaho Potatoes

Nov 2, 2012
Q: With the new crop now being harvested we were wondering what the “sweet spot” or size spread is of typical Idaho potato russets when it comes to carton counts or ounces?
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Does the Size of a Potato Matter?

Sep 9, 2011
Q: Does size matter when a recipe calls for small or medium potatoes? If so, what should I use?
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Number of Potatoes to Use When Only Given Pounds

Aug 8, 2011
Q: I have noticed that a lot more recipes do not state how many potatoes are needed, they only state the number of pounds needed. How do I figure out the number of potatoes to use in my recipe when only given pounds?
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Potato Growing 101

Jul 18, 2011
Q: Potato Growing 101
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Watch Your Portion Sizes When Serving French Fries

Jun 6, 2011
Q: Someone told me I am wasting money by serving a stack of French fries on the plate. In this economy, I am concerned about food costs. Is there anything I could do differently?
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