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Idaho Potato Recipe from My Childhood

Feb 21, 2012
Q: I am looking for a potato recipe from my childhood, can you help?
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What is the most common searched for item on your website?

Feb 3, 2012
Q: What is the most popular search on your web site?
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Preparing Mashed Potatoes Ahead of Time

Dec 20, 2011
Q: What is the best way to insure mashed potatoes are creamy & taste “just mashed” when prepared a day ahead of serving?
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Lumpy Mashed Potatoes

Dec 9, 2011
Q: How do I fix lumpy mashed potatoes?
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Keeping Idaho® Potatoes Warm with a Steam Roaster

Nov 8, 2011
Q: I am making 35 lbs of mashed potatoes and I need to know how to keep them warm.  I have a steam roaster. Will this work or will the roaster make them soupy?
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Easy but Exciting Potato Dish for Party

Oct 28, 2011
Q: I would like to do a potato dish for a party that is simple and straight forward, but can be combined with dips or sauces to make each of my guests feel like they created something special. Any ideas?
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Using fresh potatoes for French fries

Oct 11, 2011
Q: With the rising cost of frozen French fries we are exploring doing more potatoes from scratch, your thoughts? At our school we have moved more towards using fresh potatoes, any tips on washing them?
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Combining Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower

Sep 13, 2011
Q: What do you think about combining cauliflower and mashed potatoes? I know it is supposed to be healthier for you, but when I put the two together it was very bland. Any suggestions?
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Potato Dishes Besides French Fries in a Brew Pub

Jun 13, 2011
Q: I own a brew pub and want to incorporate some potato dishes besides fries into my menu. Any suggestions?
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What is a Potato Agglomerate?

Jun 9, 2011
Q: Can you please tell me what a "potato flake, granule or agglomerate" is?
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