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Reheating Mashed Potatoes for a Large Group

Jun 14, 2013
Q: We need to make mashed potatoes for about 120 people for a church meal. We would like to do this ahead of time. What is the best way to reheat our mashed potatoes so that we don't lose the quality of our dish?
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What Happened to my Idaho Potatoes?

Jun 11, 2013
Q: I am Canadian and I usually get potatoes from PEI. My girlfriend who is American brought me a bag of Idaho white potatoes and I mashed them. I washed and peeled them and cut them in half and boiled them for what took about 50 minutes! In the last 5 minutes, they went mash all right. They absorbed all the water and turned out water mash potatoes, I barely had to mash them! Is it that Idaho potatoes don't mash well or because they were white potatoes?
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Using leftover mashed potatoes

May 21, 2013
Q: I made mashed potatoes with sour cream and cream cheese that have been in an airtight container in my refrigerator for a week. Are they safe to eat?
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How should I store my prepared potatoes?

Apr 9, 2013
Q: I made a mashed potato and sardine mix for something similar to the croquettes on your recipe website. Should I store this mixture at room temperature, in the fridge, or in the freezer?
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Traditional Mashed Potatoes

Jan 31, 2013
Q: Do you have a great, simple mashed potato recipe to share?
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Do mashed potatoes have less sugar than baked potatoes?

Jun 19, 2012
Q: Do mashed potatoes have less sugar than baked potatoes?
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How Long Can Mashed Potatoes be Safely Regrigerated?

Apr 16, 2012
Q: How long can mashed potatoes be safely refrigerated?
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Tater Tots Variations

Mar 23, 2012
Q: I ate at a restaurant in Boston that made some out of this world potato tots (with lobster).  Now I can’t afford to use lobster in the middle of the country, but I could do something with fish, crab or even some meat like Chorizo.  Rather than re-invent the whole concept do you have any tips on making homemade Tater Tots?
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Pub Food Suggestions

Mar 12, 2012
Q: Do you have any potato suggestions for pub food or pub grub to serve my customers? Right now for happy hour they can choose from a special but limited menu and we serve popcorn snack mix at the bar. 
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Getting moisture out of mashed potatoes

Mar 8, 2012
Q: How do I get the moisture out of my mashed potatoes?
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