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Can You Use A Kitchen Aid Mixer To Make Mashed Potatoes?

Nov 23, 2016
Q: My mashed potatoes come out grainy and runny. They were fine until I started using a kitchen aide mixer suggestions?
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How to Make the Absolute Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Nov 18, 2015
Q: Let's cut to the chase. How do I make the absolute perfect potatoes? 
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What's In Instant Mashed Potatoes? How Are They Made And Are There A Ton Of Additives?

Apr 11, 2015
Q: Are instant mashed potatoes really made from potatoes or is it some fabricated chemical combination of things made to taste mostly like potatoes?
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Would You Like Fries With That And How To Replace Lost Potato Sales

Feb 12, 2015
Q: We used to have just one choice of a side with our bundled meals and that was fries. Now we have lots of side dish options and I think I have discovered why my food costs have been climbing... the fries were much more profitable than offering a side salad or fruit. How can I get my profits back up?
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Slow Cooker Recipes For Mashed Potatoes

Dec 22, 2014
Q: Do you have any slow cooker recipes for mashed potatoes and other tips for this kind of cooking?
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How To Thicken Mashed Potatoes

Dec 5, 2014
Q: How do I thicken up watery mashed potatoes?
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I Like To Experiment And Try New Recipes For Mashed Potatoes Every Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2014
Q: I like to experiment and try new recipes for Thanksgiving, especially with mashed potatoes and I prefer to cook with fresh rather than frozen. Any ideas I can try?
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What Size Potato Should I Buy For My Restaurant?

Oct 3, 2014
Q: What size potato should I buy for my restaurant? I serve baked, homemade mashed and home fries (you know those cut up potatoes cooked on a griddle or flat top with onions and sometimes peppers or mushrooms).
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Potato Poetry

Sep 26, 2014
Q: I know people sing the praises of the perfect Idaho® French fry or mashed potatoes as a comfort food, but have you ever heard of fully grown adults getting so worked up about a potato dish at a restaurant that it becomes a special occasion, just to experience it week after week and year after year? Surely ruminating on favorite potato dishes is good for the creative soul.
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Potato-Centric Restaurant Concepts

Aug 8, 2014
Q: I love potatoes and can’t get enough of them when I eat out. Are there restaurant concepts where potatoes get the respect on the menu they deserve?
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