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Potato Chips

Oct 15, 2014
Here are three things you can do right now, I promise, that will improve how your home made potato chips turn out and one bonus idea! Start with ...
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Consumer Potato Recipes

Oct 13, 2014
Q: Does the have a section just for consumer recipes? I am a professional chef, do you also have food service potato recipes? If I have potatoes and want to find a recipe for a scalloped potato casserole, is there a way to find more than just one on the web site?
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Can I Eat Potatoes That Are Green?

Sep 5, 2014
Q: Is it ok to eat potatoes that have turned green? A friend told me that they read on the internet that a green potato is poisonous and to immediately throw it out. He also said they taste bitter when green.
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No More Short French Fries Please

Aug 6, 2014
Q:   What’s happening to my favorite fast food French fries?
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How Long Should I Cook A 22 Ounce Potato?

Jul 9, 2014
Q: I've been looking to find information on how long and at what temperature to bake very large potatoes. Your website came closest, however, I have some even larger potatoes than listed (around 22 ounce a piece) and I simply can't find the information I'm looking for anywhere. Could you help me out?
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I’m Looking For A Traditional Mashed Potato Recipe This Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2013
Q: Here is the challenge, I never watched my Mom fix Holiday dinners and now my parents are coming over to our house for the first time. Can you help?
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Why Are My Idaho® Potatoes Turning Green?

Aug 16, 2013
Q: Why are my Idaho® potatoes turning green?
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My Idaho® Potatoes Looked Good On The Outside But Turns Out The Inside Was Rotten

Aug 13, 2013
Q: I purchased Idaho® potatoes and they looked good but it turns out they were rotten on the inside, why did this happen?
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How To Know You're Buying Idaho® Potatoes

Aug 9, 2013
Q: How do I know I'm buying Idaho® potatoes?
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The Difference Between Idaho® Potatoes And Russet

Aug 6, 2013
Q: What is the difference between Idaho® potatoes and russets?
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