My Potatoes Taste Sweet, What Caused This and What Should I Do?


Sometimes my potatoes have a sweet flavor to them. Someone told me if they were stored in too cold of a place the starch breaks down and turns to sugar. Is that true? I have a 15 lb bag of russet potatoes that taste sweet. Is there anything I can do with them so I don’t taste that sweet flavor?


Someone told you correctly! When potatoes are stored too long, in a too-cold environment (below 41°F) the starches within convert to sugar. This not only makes for an overly-sweet potato but also alters the cooking chemistry – resulting in uneven cooking performance and discoloration. Store potatoes at home, away from all light sources (to prevent skin greening) and in a cool (not cold) area such as below the counter or inside a pantry. Click here to download a storage fact sheet with further details.