How Should I Store Potatoes In A Warm Climate? Can They Be Kept In Fridge?


How should I store potatoes in a warm climate? Can they be kept in fridge?


Storing potatoes in a warm climate can be a challenge. An inside closet that does not face an outside wall, at the bottom of a pantry in the dark, under the kitchen sink, a basement… those are pretty much modern options. In the old days, a root cellar worked well in keeping the potatoes from sprouting prematurely. I’ve responded to this question most often from people who have to make every food purchase count, so my advice is to find the warmest part of the refrigerator with some humidity, usually devoted to salad fixings or vegetables and store them for no more than a couple of weeks max.

Why don’t we recommend storing potatoes too cold? The starch turns to sugar at temps below 40 degrees F and the potatoes will start tasting sweet. When frying, or sautéing a potato, the cold temps will make the potato caramelize before it is fully cooked, resulting in dark hash browns or other breakfast potatoes, latkes, French fries and scalloped potatoes.