How Much Oil is Absorbed by Hash Browns at a Fast Food Restaurant?


Do you have any idea how much oil is absorbed by the hash browns at Fast food joints? I know that potatoes can be healthy, and I was hoping that when in a crunch and on the run I could use a napkin and suck up most of the grease from the hash brown. I just was wondering if you knew approximately how much oil is actually getting into the potatoes. Thanks!


I don’t have specifics, but while blotting the excess oil can’t hurt, the oil absorbed by the potato when first cooked at the manufacturing plant and then finish fried is a major part of the hash brown patty.

A fresh potato by itself is: 26 calories per ounce with o% fat so a two ounce portion would be 52 calories:

A Hash Brown Patty portion is about 2 ounces from McDonalds. Total calories is 130, calories from fat is 72 or 55%:

Hash Brown Rounds from Burger King are slightly less than 3 ounces. Total calories are 229 and calories from fat are 132 or 57.6%

You could do what I have started doing… order a full portion of hashbrowns, and leave half uneaten. However, I have to admit, if I am really hungry or know I am headed onto a plane this theory never seems to work.