How Long Should I Cook A 22 Ounce Potato?

Q: I've been looking to find information on how long and at what temperature to bake very large potatoes. Your website came closest, however, I have some even larger potatoes than listed (around 22 ounce a piece) and I simply can't find the information I'm looking for anywhere. Could you help me out? A: I'd pierce the potato with a fork in several places (so they do not burst), place on single level right on the oven racks and bake in a convection oven at 400° degrees F for a minimum of one hour, but will most likely take 1 1/4 hour. Test for doneness with a meat thermometer. The inside temperature of the potato should be a minimum of 185° degrees F, my preference for a fully cooked potato is 210° degrees F.James Hoff's Branded Idaho Spuds