How Can I Store Pre-Cooked Baking Potatoes for 24 Hours?


I have potatoes that have been prepared for baking, by being washed, poked, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, and wrapped in foil. But, the steaks got put in the freezer and can't cook them for 24 hours. How can I store the pre-cooked baking potatoes for 24 hours?


Wherever you poked the potatoes with a fork and exposed inside area may have turned dark. This is usually more likely when wrapped in foil. Store the potatoes in the refrigerator. I’d recommend not wrapping in foil, but just placing in a glass pan and using a clear plastic wrap to seal out any extra air, or just wrapping individually in plastic wrap and adding more salt and pepper when you unwrap for baking. Here are some related links: