Fried Potatoes With Stuff On Top


I read an article in Nation’s Restaurant News by Bret Thorne about fried potatoes with stuff on top being hot, hot, hot and very trendy right now. He had some great examples of “disco fries”, chili-cheese fries, loaded fries and Poutine. My customers might like to try this and right now we have fries just as sides but not as an appetizer or shareable potato. Any examples you would be willing to share?


You’ve asked a very good question. And, whether you peel the fresh Idaho® potatoes or leave the skin on (sometimes affectionately referred to as “dirty fries”) or take advantage of the great frozen fry selection from the major three processors - Lamb Weston, McCain or Simplot, these are sure to be a hit on your menu.

Idaho Poutine
Idaho Poutine