Do You Have a Foodservice Potato-Based Business Plan for My College Course?


I am a college student in the final semester of a Marketing and Management program. For my Entrepreneurship class, we have been assigned to create a business plan. I am wondering what, if any, help would be available for a foodservice potato-based business? My idea is a food truck or a small fast food establishment that serves everything potato: Stuffed baked potatoes, fresh fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes, and dishes such as chili-stuffed baked potatoes, BBQ pork stuffed baked potatoes, poutine, Grandpa’s Noodles (chicken noodle soup over mashed) etc.

My background is in cooking, I am a disabled veteran of the US Army and have been working in the foodservice industry for 30 years. Thank you for any advice or direction you may have to offer.


Adult education is very challenging so congratulations for all your efforts! Also, thank you for considering a potato-based business plan for your Entrepreneurship class.

There are a few, potato-based businesses in the west that come to mind that you may want to research or review online:

1.Brixton’s in Ogden, UT

a. This independent operator offers Idaho® potatoes, baked and served with a choice of meat, cheese and other toppings. They’ve been in business for some time now and seem to have been successful thus far.

2. Spud Toddos in West Jordan, U

b.This independent operation has a fast-casual format and use Idaho® potatoes as the base for their offerings.

The restaurant business is tough. With so many dining options and competition, a start-up venture is as risky as they come. However, many entrepreneurs discover niches and ways to succeed. Including using Idaho® potatoes as the ‘center of the plate’!

As for the Idaho Potato Commission support, we provide the foodservice industry with education information, recipes, and general potato advice. Check out the foodservice tab at our website, and also  You’ll also find downloadable charts and other information on the website. Things such as potato storage, handling, frying, baking charts and more with decades of complied recipes, preparation tips and how-to videos. As the leader in the potato industry, the Idaho Potato Commission is the potato resource for thousands of operators, chefs, students and all things culinary-related.

Finally, a sincere, Thank you for your Army service. Best of luck in your degree program!