Can I Use Potatoes as Fertilizer?


I am curious if there are other ways I can use the waste from my potatoes as something other than compost. Is there a way I can use potatoes as fertilizer for my garden?


The Farm Babe - Potatoes as Fertilizer for the Garden

Yes, there is a quick and easy way to convert potato skins into fertilizer for your garden. First, you will want to peel your potatoes and set the peels aside in a jar. Next, fill the jar with the skins up with water until it is full, and let it sit for 3-7 days. Each day be sure to gently stir the skins and water in the jar. After 3-7 days, strain out the peels from the jar, then take the nutrient-rich water and use that to pour over your plants. This is an excellent method to implement once or twice a month to let your plants grow healthy and strong.