Can I Freeze Fresh Potatoes?


Is it possible to freeze fresh potatoes?


In my retail days anytime a customer asked, can I freeze this produce item? – I’d always answer, “If you see it for sale in the freezer case, the answer is generally a resounding, yes!”

However, a caveat is recommended when it comes to freezing potatoes: They should be at least partially prepared first. If for baked, then bake beforehand. Cubed for stovetop, shredded for hash browns or sliced for frying? Then blanching is definitely a must. Why? Two reasons. First if you attempt to freeze potatoes raw, the starches will convert to sugar and will discolor the potatoes. Blanching helps leach out these surface sugars. The second advantage is that once blanched and frozen, then retrieved for final cooking, potatoes will not take nearly as long to finish cooking, saving you precious prep time. Store blanched, frozen potatoes in good quality, airtight freezer bags and use within a few months.