“Bowls Trend” Can Truly Soar By Adding Potatoes To The Mix


I read a recent article in the Packer, where Technomic reports that food bowls are up 29.7% in the entrée category over a five-year time period. Another study, showed that the produce items measured were onions +27%, peppers +21%, tomatoes +20% followed closely by carrots, broccoli and corn according to United Fresh with new growth coming from kale, lemons, and spinach.


What? No potatoes? These are a vegetable too. Ever since KFC began offering the bowl line of menu extensions which include mashed potatoes topped with chicken corn, gravy, even cheese in 2006 potatoes have also been a part of this growing trend.

Check out this video from food blogger www.AverageBetty.com for two inspirational breakfast anytime potato bowls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1cGTuoIwJ0

And potato soup steps it up a notch with these potato bowls of goodness: